Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Christmas Traditions

Kelly at is doing Christmas Traditions this week! I was excited to jump in for the first time because I LOVE traditions and I LOVE Christmas! So the combination is more than I can take sometimes!!

We have a lot of traditons that have carried over from my family and then Mr. R and I have started some of our own as well! Here are some of my favorite traditions!

We do a Christmas Eve present every year and it is always new Christmas p.j.s... usually even the grown-ups get some. Here are my kiddos in their new Christmas p.j.s last year!

We also started a new tradition last year of making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve! Very fun!

Some of our other traditions include:
Monkey Bread on Chrismas morning
appetizers on Christmas eve after going to Christmas Eve service at church

I think this year we are going to try doing the Advent thing for the first year!

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