Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Social Media Ramblings

I can't believe it is already into April! I have such a love/hate relationship with blogging. I enjoy it so much but the perfectionist in me when it comes to this sort of thing rarely lets me type out a full post or hit send. I know I need to just get over it... I am a mess, what can I say?

But, since I do enjoy it I thought I would pop in today and post what was going on in this little brain of mine!

I have had to laugh at myself today as I was thinking about the internet at two different times today. Earlier this morning I was listening to an Ask Pastor John podcast about social media while folding laundry and I started thinking about how much there is to dislike about social media. I waste so much time and energy and get so sucked in... It is so easy to get upset and frustrated... So many people use it as a forum to whine and complain and it just drives me crazy!

Then not even an hour later as I was making lunch for my kiddos I was thinking about how blessed I have been by the internet. I didn't come into marriage and motherhood having any real homemaking or cooking skills. But, I have been able to learn so much from women on the blogosphere. If left to my own devices (and given a lot more money to throw around) I would totally be one of those women who goes out to lunch several times a week, makes multiple Target and mall trips on a regular basis and spends a large chunk of my free time consuming. But, I have been so blessed by blogs and articles that have given me a vision for stewarding our finances and time well. I have been able to be encouraged and uplifted to fulfill my role at home. And while I am still working on it (I'm a mess, remember?) I am just so thankful for my online mentors who have helped me on this journey.

So, all to say... I think I will always have a love/hate relationship with my time online. I am finding that for the most part reading several good encouraging blogs everyday is a pretty positive experience. I also really love Instagram as I feel like it is easier for me to enjoy pictures and see friends without getting so sucked in! So, I guess Facebook is probably the social media platform I struggle with the most. In the past I have tried cutting out Facebook but I do have people I like to stay connected with that way and I am a part of a few groups that do all of their planning via Facebook. So, I guess I need to figure out how all of this translates into living life well in the midst of social media... I guess I will keep you posted ;)

Do you struggle with social media? Are you one of those awesome people that doesn't get sucked in and can take it or leave it?