Thursday, February 24, 2011

My little girl

I was never one of those women that "had to have" a daughter. Honestly, I thought I would have three boys. But, oh my goodness am I so glad that God knew better and gave me a little girl! I still wouldn't consider myself a great "girl" mom. I don't really love to do crafts and do doll's hair. I would much rather play with trains, make dinosaurs knock down blocks, and have improptu rounds of "dodge the pillow" during the day! But, I don't mind playing super girly things if it is for this sweet girl! She is so much fun and is just a perfect piece of our family. Plus, even though we are still outnumbered by boys in our family of R's, I am glad I have at least one partner in crime!

And I look forward to the days of shopping together and girl's weekends and talking about boys (when she is 30 of course)! I am just so thankful for this precious little girl! I have no doubt that God has increadible things in store for our little princess! We love you Sophie!
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  1. she is adorable katie! I never thought I wanted a girl until I started hanging out with a friend whose daughter is just a few days older than Logan. I would LOVE to have a little girl someday!

  2. I think I am the same way. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Baby girls are certainly an incredible blessing!! :) They are sugar AND spice and SO much FUN!!! I am so glad that God saw it fit to BLESS us with such beautiful children!!

  4. If I never have a daughter, can I come along on your girls' weekends and shopping trips??!!!