Thursday, December 10, 2009

So busy!

The business is really starting to pick up here at the Ramsey's. Honestly, it is not my favorite. A few years ago I would have loved having every weekend packed to the brim. But, since having the Little R's I hate it! Our weekend time as a family is so precious to us! On weeknights Nick gets home from work , we eat dinner, he gets about half an hour to play with the kiddos and then the bedtime routine starts. By the time the Little R's are tucked in we are usually so tired we just lounge on the couch watching TV until bedtime. Not exactly quality time!

So, I love our weekends that are lots of togetherness. I also love to use weekend time for one on one time with the hubs! The next few weekends are filled with get togethers, visits, and traveling. I LOVE all of these things but in big doses I get VERY stressed out! Honestly, I wish I was better at saying "no". It is something I am trying to learn from my husband. He is excellent at saying "no" to doing anything that he does not believe is the best for our family. I unfortunatly, am a people pleaser!

Maybe that should be my New Year's Resolution... no more being a people pleaser! And instead work on being a God pleaser! What a concept :-)

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  1. Take care of yourself, you have a great excuse to back out of the busyness!