Friday, February 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Valentines Dates or Ideas

At Kelly's Korner this week it is Valentines Dates or Ideas.

Now, Valentine's Day is a very big day at the R's house. Valentine's Day has always been a big deal in my house. You see, I was born on Valentine's Day. And what makes it even more special is my mom was born on Valentine's Day. So, I like to think of myself as pretty much the best birthday present/Valentine's day gift she has ever gotten:-) I loved Valentine's Day growing up and secretly thought of it as my own personal holiday. My mom always wrapped my presents in Valentine's paper and somehow always managed to find that perfect Hallmark card, "On Your Valentine's Birthday..."

Needless to say, the standards were high when Mr. R entered the picture. But, never one to not meet a challenge head on Nick made our first Valentine's Day together absolutely perfect... he proposed! The next Valentine's Day was going to be tough. How do you follow marriage proposal? Well, we had been married 6 months so somehow he managed to suprise me again the next year (haha yeah right) we found out we were having a baby on my birthday! Since then the Valentine's days haven't been quite as huge. But, it is such a special day for us because of all of those things!

This year I am really excited about Valentine's Day! On Saturday night after the kids go to bed we are having a date night in! I am making shrimp linguini, tomato and feta salad, cheddar bay biscuits, and chocolate covered strawberries. Nick is in charge of picking out a cheesy romantic movie to watch while we eat our strawberries and drink sparkling cider. I can't wait!

Then we will make Sunday about the kids. We are doing heart pancakes for breakfast and all that fun stuff.

I am so excited! Happy Valentine's Day (or as it will always be in my mind, Happy Katie Day!)

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