Friday, June 4, 2010

My weekend challenge to myself!

Lately I am horrible about cooking for my family! I was thinking about it today and I realized I can't remember when the last time we went an entire weekend without eating out at some point! And honestly, it made me a little sad! Especially since my kids don't really like take-out food that much and Nick would rather eat at home so really it is just my problem! I know I am pregnant and have two small kiddos so I kind of have an excuse... but I don't feel like it is a good excuse. There are so many reasons I am always trying to cut back on eating out, especially fast food but it is just SO easy! So, this weekend I am challenging myself to prepare every meal we eat this weekend at home. That goes from dinner tonight to dinner Sunday (although really it could have started at breakfast yesterday because I haven't eaten out since Wednesday evening, ha!)

I am excited about doing this because I really want to get to where my default is always eating at home, even when things are crazy. After the little man gets here I really want to loose all the weight plus some and eating out is basically diet suicide! One huge blessing in this area has been that my parents have both lost a lot of weight and have totally changed the way they eat. (They look AMAZING by the way... it is only a little annoying;-) So, when we used to go over and order pizza or meet them somewhere to have lunch out we now go over to their house for make your own salads or something else rediculously healthy. But, it is such a great habit to be in!

I am trying to lighten up on being the perfect cook all the time. I used to feel like whenever I cooked it had to be something big and fun. I am trying to let myself relax and if we just have sandwiches and salad for dinner that is okay! The kids are honestly happier with that at this point!

And here is my final motivation... :-) My kids would rather eat veggies than french fries (seriously!) and I would hate to be the one to ruin that!


  1. Love that your kiddos love yummy veggies! Nice to meet you. Found you over at Courtney's blog. I write about marriage every Monday over at Ordinary Inspirations. Would you consider linking up there as well?

    Hugs new friend!


  2. hehe this was the correct link: