Monday, March 18, 2013

Lazy (ish) Mondays

I actually really like Monday mornings. They tend to be a little slower around here. I kind of like to ease us into the week, so we usually stay in our jammies a little longer and mama has been known to sneak in an extra cup of coffee... or two, while the kiddos play. I am not sure what game their little imaginations have come up with this morning but I do know I was asked to get down a set of blocks for them and every stuffed animal in the house is in a big circle on their bedroom floor.

As usual our weekend went by way too fast. Saturday was mostly spent getting things done, boo. Although, we did hit up our favorite pizza place for lunch and some good friends of ours happened to be there and asked if we wanted to join them for lunch. So, we got to have a fun impromptu lunch with friends which was fabulous.

Sunday was Sam's first Sunday at church. He did fabulously. We missed the end of the service because he needed to eat but it was nice to feel like taking 4 kiddos to church isn't too hard... Sunday afternoon I was able to spend some time in the kitchen getting freezer meals together for my monthly freezer meal swap and I also baked a cake to take to my mom's house! I realized that I actually really enjoy cooking when I am not having to multitask with keeping kiddos entertained!

Sunday evening my parents had us over for corned beef and cabbage. It was so delicious and we had a great time hanging out. Jack was in heaven the whole night because he got to be with his Papa. Jack is basically obsessed with my dad and whenever my dad is around Jack is his constant shadow. It is pretty sweet.

I have realized that I haven't picked up my real camera in weeks. All I take are cell phone pics! The quality is not as good, but it is just soooo much easier! So, here are some pics from the last few weeks I thought I would share!

Sam is not the most easy going baby we have had ;) He really likes to be held all day! So, thankfully we have the Moby Wrap!

And because of the Moby Wrap I get to do this! Both Max and Sophie are working through Saxon 1 together. I like to combine as many subjects as possible to teach them together... the beauty of homeschooling!

Last Friday the weather was gorgeous! We spent an hour or so on the back deck and it was awesome.

 And here is another one of my Snuggle Bunny in his favorite sleeping position.

This seriously seems to happen every morning around here! If Sam is on the floor he is pretty quickly mobbed by all of his siblings. I. LOVE. IT.

Here is a picture of the chocolate cake I made yesterday! The kiddos called it a "Lord of the Rings Cake".

This bulldozer was parked down the street so we had to get a few photos with it when we walked to the playground the other day!

Max, Sophie, and Jack with their sweet friends Mason and Elizabeth!

All right, time to get out of lazy mode! Have a Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Hello,
    Just wanted to pop in and say congrats on your new little man! He is adorableeee! Also- when I was reading about the kiddos doing their saxon work and how you like to combine subjects to teach them together I thought I'd chime in to say (also as a homeschooling mom) I just started Five in a Row (FIAR) along with our other curriculum and it's been a God send for us. We use the bible supplement as well and it's such a fun way to get 2 grades covered in 1 lesson ;o) No idea if you've heard of it and I know curriculum is a pretty personal choice- just thought I'd mention it!!