Monday, June 24, 2013

Homeschool Curriculum for 2013-14

I finally did it... I chose our curriculum for 2013-14 year. And I took the plunge... we are going with Sonlight!
According to their website:
Sonlight Curriculum is a Christian homeschool curriculum company specializing in literature-based homeschool curriculum programs. We provide complete homeschool curriculum packages and individual resources and materials so you can build the preschool or K-12 homeschool curriculum that best meets your family's needs. Sonlight is based in Littleton, Colorado and serves homeschoolers in over 150 countries worldwide.
Instill in your children a life-long love to learn. Prepare them to engage new ideas. Challenge them to impact the world.
I am very excited about our decision. I considered using it last year, but because of it's higher price tag I went a different direction and used an eclectic approach. I was planning to go that route again this year but after talking to a few other homeschool moms I realized that at least for the season of life we are currently in I need to have everything handed to me. I don't really have the time and mental energy for lots of lesson planning, running to the library every week, etc. So, a plan where I am given everything including all of the books I will need for the year was very appealing.
My husband also lovingly pointed out that we will definitely get our money's worth out of buying all of the books since we will have 4 kids going through our little homeschool (Lord willing!). We  are going to use Sonlight's Core A: Introduction to World Cultures. Max and Sophie will do most of their school together although I did purchase separate readers (Kindergarten for Soph and First Grade for Max) and handwriting programs for them.
The only thing I didn't purchase through Sonlight was their math curriculum (although it is one of the ones that Sonlight recommends). We are still working through Saxon 1 after we switched from Horizon's last year and then I was able to purchase Saxon 2 second hand so we will move onto that whenever we are ready.
I am really excited to get everything and start checking it out. I am not sure when our official school year will start. This will be our first year logging hours (for Max) and that can start on July 1. Missouri state law requires 1000 hours, 600 of which have to be in the core subjects.
So, I am feeling excited for this year. I am hoping that Sonlight will be a good fit for our family. I feel like it really fits well with a lot of our goals in homeschooling our children. But, as always, I will keep you posted!

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