Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The first week of July!

Here is a little catch up to what the crazy R's have been up to for the past week or so :)

We had a blast celebrating the 4th of July! We started off the day meeting up with some friends at our town's little 4th of July parade. It was super cute and the kids enjoyed playing with their friends and collecting lots of candy!
Sammy's 1st 4th of July

Enjoying the candy already

Sophie and her girlfriends had a blast watching the parade!
After the parade we had 3 families over for a 4th of July Party! We ate lots of yummy food and the kiddos played outside in a kiddie pool and on the playground. We had a total of 16 kiddos at our "little" get together! Which is why I didn't snap a single picture! It was so fun. 

Then, in the evening my Grandma and I headed to the Muny to see Nunsense. We didn't exactly plan to go on the 4th of July but that is when our season tickets were for so we went! Phyllis from The Office was in it which was fun! We had a good time! Although the show itself wasn't that great... so we may or may not have left at intermission...
I love my Grandma and it was fun to have her all to myself for the evening instead of having to share her with the kiddos :)

We loved the fans that they were giving out at the show! Sister Grandma?
This weekend Sophie got to go to a super cute little tea party for her friend London's 5th birthday. London's mama did an amazing job at making everything adorable and perfectly girly! I was so thankful for my girl to have such a girly afternoon since she is always surrounded by boys!

Drinking "tea"... pinkies up!

The precious birthday girl!

Love these girls! So thankful for sweet girlfriends.
And here are a few more pics from the last few days...

The hubs and I had the sweetest date night in. We sat on our back deck , drank wine, and chatted. It was lovely. The deer that walked through the field and all of the fireflies made it even better... sigh... I like that guy.

I love how awesome our cat is with our kiddos. Here he is "babysitting" Sam.

Can you even call it summer without popsicles on the porch?

The big kids had their swim lessons this morning and we like to stay and play for a bit afterwards. Love these little fishies.

And baby brother slept in his stroller the whole time. :)

On tap for tonight is going to the Lincoln County Fair with my parents! This is one of my kiddos very favorite events of the whole year! So, here's hoping we have a great time! We probably won't stay too long because of the heat! But, I did promise cotton candy if we have to leave early!

Sidenote: I have started a little weightloss blog to track my progress. These baby pounds have gotta go! So, feel free to check it out right here. :) But, be warned, it is just pictures of food and not of cute squishy babies... :)

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