Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day at the Zoo!

On Saturday we made a trip to the zoo! It was the perfect day for it! A while back the kiddos and I made a day trip to the zoo and with all of the construction going on in Forest Park it was a DISASTER! So, I was a little nervous to go back and try again. But, between getting there early and the weather looking like it might rain (it didn't) we were able to park quickly and easily and the zoo was not too crowded!

Because we got to the zoo early the sting rays were free so that is what we did first. Here is our little leash girl waiting in line!
Both of our kiddos "pateintly" waiting to see the sting rays
I think these giant turtles are just awesome
Not sure what my crew was looking at in this one
Checking out the chimps
Sophie got to ride the carousel for the first time! She was very serious but I think she liked it!
We had a great day at the zoo!

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  1. looks like a great time! the zoo in minot is supposed to be pretty good. we have a zoo pass and it opened on may 1 but it's been cold and rainy every day since then. ack! we've been looking forward to frequent trips to the zoo forever!