Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breathing treatments

Because Max was born early (even though it was just a little bit) he has had issues with respiratory problems since he was a baby. So, throughout his life we have often had to give him nebulizer treatments to help him. He was recently diagnosed with reactive airway disease which doesn't mean much except he gets coughs easily! He is SO good about getting his breathing treatments!
Last night was so sweet. We were doing our family prayer time and I asked Max if he wanted to say the prayer. Somewhere in the middle of it he thanked God that he got to watch movies during his breathing treatments! It really cracked Nick and I up (later of course... because you don't laugh at someone's heartfelt prayers!). I guess our boy already knows that all good things come from above!


  1. Aww sweet boy! Come check out my new blog! :)

  2. I just realized that I was not subscribed to your feed. My loss! Now I am, so I can keep up with the Ramseys!

    I put up another post about homeschooling. You might be sorry you asked!

    Luke also does breathing treatments. We have the same dinosaur mask, and we also watch a video while he gets it. I need to do a post about it. He is also so cooperative. Such a blessing! Is Max on Pulmicort?

  3. aw, such a sweet boy to sit there and take his breathing treatment!