Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Weekend is here!

I am SO excited because the 4th of July weekend is FINALLY here! I have been WAITING for this weekend! We have been super busy lately and I have just felt like we were in desperate need for some extended family time. Especially since we weren't able to take a family trip at all this year. So, since Nick already has Monday off of work he went ahead and took Tuesday off too so we could just soak in the togetherness! Ha!

Last night we went over to Grandma June's and had DELICIOUS Chinese take-out with her and my sister and Simon. We had a really great time and stayed way later than I intended. Sophie girl was cracking me up with how much she just loves her Grandma June. She is just all over the poor woman all the time! I don't think Grandma June minds too much... :-) Then when we got home Nick and I went ahead and started painting the kitchen. The color has been driving me crazy! So, it is one of the big projects I wanted to get done before our new little man gets here. I will post pics later!

I am thinking after we paint we might hit the pool for awhile and then tonight we are headed over to some friends house for dinner! I am really looking forward to it!

Tomorrow I think we will go to church, come home and veg out for awhile and then head out to Mom and Dad's for the big 4th of July celebration out there. Not sure how long we will stay... I think we will play it by ear! Some times the kids do great staying out late and other times anything past 7 is pushing towards disaster! Gotta love little kids!

Monday I think we will do Monkey Joe's in the morning and then kids eat free at Qdoba so maybe we will do that for lunch. Then for Tuesday I am defintily thinking zoo! It is going to be a GREAT weekend!

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