Friday, July 23, 2010


My doctor's appointment on Tuesday went well! It was so fun to see little Jack in 3-D! He is such a cutie! My amniotic fluid was a little low so my current challenge is to drink lots of water. Not an easy task for me because I am not a good water drinker... but it is good incentive! We are so excited for him to get here. Although, my doctor thinks it will still be a few weeks.

I am definitely in that cranky pregnancy stage! I am very tired and uncomfortable! I am so thankful for my good friends here that are just letting me be cranky! I never realized what a blessing it is to not have people trying to cheer you up but just saying, "yeah, that stinks!". I feel very loved right now! Ha!

I am not sure what is on today's agenda! Going anywhere sounds like a ton of work! But, the kiddos and I are getting a little bored just hanging out at home. So, we will see! At this point I like to play everything by ear!

I hope everyone has a good day and weekend! I will try!

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