Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Recap

We had a FABULOUS 3 day weekend! It started out lazy and ended with more activity but it was fantastic! Friday night Nick and I hung out and he let me watch "Say Yes to the Dress". I am really not a big wedding person but for some reason I just love that show. Nick doesn't really but he loves me so he watches it with me:-) Saturday we spend the day just hanging out around the house. We did a little housework and Nick ran a few errands but for the most part we just played. Nick also hung up one of the finishing touches to Jack's nursery!
I LOVE it! I ordered it on Etsy.com. I had ordered some vinyls from Uppercase Living in the past but this one was much more affordable and according to Nick much easier to put up. Now all we need is to hang his quilt (which is out getting his name put on it) and then his room is done!

But back to the weekend... Sunday we cleaned all morning (I know... we missed church again) and then I had a buy one get one free coupon so we headed to Qdoba for lunch. We then went home so Soph could nap and we watched a movie with Max and Nick cut his hair. Then we went out to my parents house for steak! My sister and her fiance were there and so was my Grandma June so we had a great time.

Then Monday we went to the August Busch Nature Reservation. It was really pretty. It reminded me of the Nature Center in Springfield. We walked around and had a great time. Max was a little bummed because he was hoping to see some good animals but all we saw were frogs, spiders, and butterflies. Just not enough I guess:-) Then we came home and did some housework and then we had our good friends the Luitjohn's over for dinner. We had a fabulous time! All of our kids get along really well even though Heather's two oldest are oldest than Max and Sophie they are so sweet to them and played with them. It was a great night! And to top it all off we were in bed by 9! Score!

Here are a few more pics of the little man! He was 5 weeks old yesterday! I just can't believe it!

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