Thursday, September 23, 2010

Show us your life- Living Rooms

To see my living room as of June 2012 click here!

I know I am totally late on this one! Kelly's Korner Blog is doing Show Us Your Life again and this past week was living rooms. I had taken the pictures and just forgotten to post. What can I say? This week totally got away from me!

This is my living room/family room. We technically have a "formal living room" at the front of our house but it is tiny so when we built the house we asked them payed them to add French doors and we made it into an office. I really like our living room... although looking at the pictures I think it looks a little boring! Oh well!

Here is my living room when you walk in through the front entry
In the living room looking back towards the front entry with the kitchen to the right

View of the living room from the kitchen

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  1. I like your look! I have a lot of the same pieces of furniture!