Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letters to my peeps

I haven't done the Sunday Letter thing in awhile so I thought it would be good to do a little update on what all of my favorite peeps are up to these days.
 Dear Max,

I must say, I am so glad you turned 5! I really like 5! You really are turning a corner as far as behavior. It is so nice to be able to say that most days with you really are a joy.

Last week I had a parent teacher conference with your teacher and she said that you were one of the smartest students she has ever had. She said she can see you becoming the next Steve Jobs. She went on about how intelligent AND creative you are. I beamed with pride as I heard someone else confirming what we already know about you... that God has created you to do big things for Him.

I love our time in the afternoons when we do learning activities together. You catch on so quickly and you truly love learning. I remember I used to think that doing learning activities with kiddos was silly and that kids should just play... but then I learned that for little kids, learning IS play! We have so much fun together and I love the one on one time.
 Dear Sophie,

I think you are about as girly as they come. You love all things pink and princesses. You pretty much live in your ballet outfit these days. You have even talked us into letting you sleep in it. And I must say, you are pretty precious coming downstairs in the morning in your ballet outfit and a super hero cape!

You love to call people on the phone and you love to have conversations. I love listening to you tell your grandma and Grandma June story after story. You remind me so much of myself.... sorry!

I was telling a fellow ballet mom yesterday that you are as disagreeable as you are agreeable. You feel very strongly about things one way or another. So, when you are happy you are really happy. But, when you are mad... it is not so pretty! Ha!
Dear Jack,

What can I say? You are growing up way too fast! You are walking and even running. You jibber jabber and sing. You have 6 teeth now. Overall, you are a very happy little man.

You love your daddy a lot which has been an adjustment for me. At this age your brother and sister were all about mom. Don't get me wrong, you LOVE your momma! But, if Daddy is around you tend to gravitate towards him.

It is cute because your favorite toys are balls and cars. Daddy and I aren't sure if those are the toys you really love or just that those are the toys your older brother leaves for you to play with! Either way! It is pretty sweet to watch you crouching down zooming cars across the room or trying to find someone to play catch with!
Dear Nick,

I have loved watching you grow as a husband and dad over the past year. It is amazing because you were a good husband and dad before. But, God is totally transforming you and I love that He gave me a front row seat! I can see that you truly enjoy being with our kiddos and that is so priceless to me. I don't feel like you are doing things out of obligation, but out of a true desire to be with our kiddos.

Thank you for always supporting me and being there to listen. I appreciate your encouragement in all areas of my life. And an EXTRA big thank you for taking two days off of work last week for some awesome family time! I feel like it was one of those weekends that I will never forget!

And in other news... I am SO excited for our date night this Friday! I can't wait to just spend some time with you! I love you so much!

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