Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World Bird Sanctuary Fieldtrip with friends

 Yesterday we got the chance to go with my friend Jenn and her kiddos to the World Bird Sanctuary. I had never been before but thought it might be a good time! We will be going again for sure. The price... {free}... was perfect and it was just a great place to take kiddos. We all actually learned quite a bit about birds and had fun while doing it!
 And they didn't just have birds. There were snakes, a rabbit, a bat, and some other bugs and lizards and such.
 Here is Max with his buddy Ben. We talk about Ben a LOT at our house. I am very thankful that Max has such a sweet friend.
 Sophie-Girl really liked the birds too! Soph is a pretty happy child and tends to have fun wherever we go and the bird sanctuary was no exception!
 All the kiddos loved taking turns pretending to be bald eagles. They also tried to pose for a photo with the statue. But, sitting still for long when you are having that much fun just doesn't work!
 I thought this was a great picture of Jenn with her boys (and baby girl in her tummy!)
 My kiddos were LESS cooperative with the mommy photo shoot. As you can see, Max was "real pleased" to be sitting still taking a picture when there are birds to look at!
 Oh, how I love my littlest man. In reality he was reaching to be let out of the stroller. But, it looks like he is giving snuggles to his Mommy so that is how I will choose to remember the moment! Ha!
And the cutest little birds we saw on the whole trip were in this cage. They even let us take these birds home with us... let us, made us.... who can remember the details?

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