Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the mend...

Is there still a world out there? Sickness hit our family and so we have been all shut in! It started out with Jack getting an ear infection Tuesday. He also somehow contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease. Then Sophie started running a fever on Friday.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling just fine. Nick was at his discipleship meeting when I woke up so I hung out with the kiddos and then when Nick got home Max and I ran to the store. Saturday afternoon I laid down for a little rest but when I woke up I had the chills. I took my temperature and I had a fever of 101. I stayed in bed the rest of the day and pretty much all day Sunday until Nick came down with it too on Sunday afternoon. Monday morning my fever was gone but my throat hurt really bad. I started thinking it might be strep so I went ahead and went to Urgent Care. I got hooked up with some antibiotics so I am on the mend.

I still don't feel 100% yet though. I am really hoping that happens today because being a mom and being sick just don't mix. My house definetely reflects having a sick mom over the long weekend (translation: it is totally trashed). I also have a lot to do because our small group at church is having a big garage sale this weekend to raise money for a center for serving our church is building.

So, all of this to say, I am working to get back into the swing of things! Being sick in the "summer" is just not the way it should be!

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