Thursday, August 30, 2012

Homeschool Update

So, we are about 9 weeks into our Kindergarten year since we decided to do school year round. I posted back in June what we were planning on using in the different subjects. And just thought I would update and share how it is going and what we have tweaked.

We ended up ditching our science curriculum pretty quickly. It was great but it was just too much for Max this year. So, we stuck it back on the shelf and will try it again later! Instead we have just spent time reading and learning about wherever Max's interests are in science (which are all over the place! But, lately has centered around storms). We also haven't done a whole lot in the way of Geography outside of pointing to things on the map when they come up and learning the continents.

One thing we added that I hadn't planned on doing has been a lot of memorization. We came across a poem a little while ago that seemed fun so I decided to read it to the kiddos. They memorized it right away and started asking for new poems! I was just amazed at how quickly and easily memorization comes to them. They are little sponges I tell ya! So, we have been memorizing shorter poems (mostly about animals of course!). We also memorize a Bible verse every week and have just started memorizing the Operational Definitions of Character Qualities.

I am honestly not trying to sugar coat it but outside of a few pouty moments initially, when Max would rather play Legos then sit and do his math book, things have gone swimmingly. We have managed to not have any crying melt downs (on either side!). Sophie and Jack are great during school time and we haven't had any issues with that. I think the key to our success for our family was starting slowly and adding in one subject at a time. It was much less overwhelming on all sides and no one seemed to notice when subjects were added in.

No doubt we will hit a few bumps along the way but so far we are off to a great start and feeling really grateful that God has led us down this path. It really has been a great opportunity for me to step out in faith and for our entire family to grow closer together.

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