Saturday, August 11, 2012

Laundry Room Closet {Make-Over}

I am sorry! I know I was already here earlier today! I just couldn't wait to post my laundry room project. And by "my" of course I mean my mom and dad came up with the plan and got the materials and Nick and my dad installed it all! But, I think this is going to be a game changer in my laundry life! 

So, I had this idea that it would really simplify my life if I were able to keep the kiddos everyday clothes in baskets in the laundry room. Each kiddo would have about 7 days worth of daily clothes in the current season that I could just fold and throw in their baskets and they could get dressed from that (including p.j.s and underwear). I also wanted to be able to hang up Nick's work shirts and our other hanging clothes straight out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles. 

I have a closet in my laundry room straight across from my washer and dryer that I have never known what to do with. It had sliding doors on it when we moved in and a bar straight across. I guess it was a coat closet? But, we have a coat closet in our entry way so we never really used it as that. So, it usually became a place to throw junk. Eventually I decided to take the doors off and put a bench there which was cute but not functional. 

But now, I think this closet has finally fulfilled it's closet destiny! Behold...

A basket for each child's clothes (an empty one for Baby #Quatro!). A place to hang. A counter top for folding. And baskets on top for storage!

Like any project in this house I am sure I will tweak a touch. I am thinking maybe I need to get white baskets on the top for better balance? And then I want to come up with some sort of cute way to label the fronts of the basket so we can easily tell whose is whose. But, the beauty of it is... it is totally functional and I can start using it now! So... I better go do some laundry!

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