Monday, September 17, 2012

Lunch made easy {for kids}

When my oldest was little we went out to eat for lunch... a lot. It wasn't exactly nutrition friendly... but days with just one kiddo at home can be long and getting out with friends is a good way to fill up the day. Well, now that I am more budget and nutrition conscious (enter my husband singing the Hallelujah chorus as I say this) we eat out a lot less. But, I have been struggling on what to feed my kiddos for lunch everyday.

Well, it turns out I was pushing my own need for variety in the lunch menu on to my kiddos. Turns out they would be just as happy with p.b.and j's every single day! So, I have come up with a plan that lands us all somewhere in the middle. I made a list of their 5 favorite lunches and we basically rotate through those during the week.

1. Chicken nuggets or fish sticks
2. Ham or Turkey sammies
3. P.B. and J's
4. Mac and Cheese
5. Cheese Quesadillas or Grilled Cheese

Side dishes? Yeah, this mom isn't cooking up an additional dish at lunch time. And to balance out their less than healthy favorite main dishes, side dishes around here consist of fresh fruit and veggies only. Usually one of each.

I feel liberated! I found an easy system that makes us all happy!

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