Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sam's Big "Adventure"

I can't believe that this little man is 7 weeks old!

And I really can't believe that exactly one week ago we were at home having a pretty normal morning when I realized my little man was feeling kind of warm. I decided to take him to the doctor and from there we were sent to the ER for more tests which lead to lots of blood draws, catheters, and a spinal tap. At the end of the day there we were then transferred by ambulance to Cardinal Glennon for futher tests, observation, and so our little guy could recieve IV antibiotics and antiviral meds. We were there for two nights, one in the PICU and then another on the general infant floor. But, in the end all of his tests came back negative and they determined that he just had a virus. But, because of his young age they had to rule out things like menengitis and other big scary things. It was hard. And intense. And ultimately we are so thankful to God that our little boy was okay!

Here is our little "adventure" in cell phone pics
Waiting at the doctor's office where they found out his temp was 102.5

Daddy keeping Sam company in the ER

After they finally got his IV in (it took lots of tries and finally we got the charge nurse to come and work her magic!)
Riding in the ambulance, Mom got to ride along
at Cardinal Glennon getting some rest after a very long night

Sweet boy had so many cords everywhere

out of the PICU and into a regular room and rockin' his pink hospital gown

Right after we got the all clear to take our boy home!

Ready to get home!

Bye Cardinal Glennon! We hope to not see you again!

It was so good to be home again with these three!

Little man looking like he is feeling so much better!

I am also SO thankful for my parents. At the drop of a hat my mom left work to come take care of the other kiddos so Nick could be with me in the ER. And then they kept everyone happy and entertained the whole time we were gone (including a trip to the zoo!). It was such a blessing to not have to even think about how my other kids were doing while we were away. I hope that I can be as awesome for my children when they are grownups as my parents are for me and Nick.

We were also so thankful and overwhelmed by our family, friends and church family. Nick and I got so many texts, calls, and e-mails letting us know that our little man was being prayed for. It meant so much to us and was such a comfort for me. We are so blessed y the people in our lives and who love our children! So, thank you so much to all of you who are always there for us! We love you!

** I also have to give a big shout out for some wonderful nurses! We had one nurse while at Cardinal Glennon who was especially amazing and was totally our advocate for the day getting us what we needed for our little guy and helping us get answers to our questions. She was such a BLESSING to me and I will always appreciate what she did for our family! Good nurses make all the difference!


  1. So glad my Samwise is back safe and sound in his hobbit hole! He looked like such a good patient!

  2. How scary! Kate spent a few nights at the children's hospital when she was 3 months old with RSV--not fun. I'm glad to hear Sam is feeling much better :) And, can I just say, he's simply adorable. He's one of the cutest babies ever!