Wednesday, April 17, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

Nope, I am not breaking into "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens"... Although, who doesn't love a little Sound of Music now and again?

I thought I would pop in today and share a few things that I am really loving lately! I always love to hear what other people are using, into, having success with , etc. So, it seems only fair to share mine.

I have to share first that I am loving my new Trim Healthy Mama book. I have seen this book all over the blog world and was intriged. Then I heard my good friend Jen had the book so my intrigue grew... especially since I knew Jen didn't have extra weight to loose but I know she is very health concious. So, I talked to Nick about it and shelled out the $35 for the book (way more than I ever spend on books!) and bought my copy.

What intrigued me about this book was being able to apply it to our whole family. It always seemed a little odd to me for parents to eat a healthy new diet and get McDonald's drive-thru for the kiddos. So, a book written by two homeschool moms with big families of their own definitely appealed to me.

But, I have to say what I love most so far is that Nick has lost 5 pounds and I have lost 6 in the first week. Craziness. I know my weight loss will slow way down since I am still loosing baby weight but it is definitely encouraging to see high numbers off the bat. The plan is no walk in the park and takes some getting used to- no sugar, no white flour, etc. But, I will say I truly love the foods I have been eating and I never feel hungry or deprived.

Up next on my list is this album...

I am mildly obsessed with their music and listen to it all the time lately! Love.

Oh, and I must announce because this is HUGE for me... I have actually been loving water lately! I honestly never used to drink water. But, on December 27th I gave up Diet Coke :( I was a hard core addict, but I have not had a single one since. At first I drank regular soda here and there when we were out to eat). But, since the baby has been born I don't want the caffeine and so I just drink plain old water basically all of the time. (I still have one cup of regular black coffee every morning... I mean come on... I am not a saint!) I didn't want to replace my habit with something else with artificial sweeteners (Crystal Light or something like that) even if it was calorie free. So, I just drink water and several months later I am actually enjoying the taste. It is so weird for me!

I also loved this article by Ann Voskamp. That woman speaks truth and writes it in such a beautiful way.

And of course my favorite new thing I am loving lately is...

I can't get enough of this little guy! And he is 8 weeks old now! Pure craziness!

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  1. Throw a little squirt of lemon juice (I just use the bottled concentrate) in that water to make it more exciting on occasion! Sometimes that quenches my thirst better than "plain" water.