Monday, December 16, 2013

The Gift Our Children Really Want

I just wanted to pop in and share this article from my very favorite, Sally Clarkson, "The Gift All Children Want the Most, Even When They Grow Up". It was a a beautiful reminder for me during this season, but also one I need to remember all year long.

I didn't realize until having children how all they really want is their mama (and dad's!) TIME and ATTENTION. People often say it is about quality, not quantity. But, if we are being honest, when it comes to our children, it is about both. They want our hugs when they first get out of bed in the morning. They want our attention as we chat over their bowl of Cheerios. They want us to watch and play their favorite toys with them. They want us there to kiss their toes when they stub them on their favorite toy that they forgot to put away....In the everyday moments they want us. And at Christmas time they do too.

So, in this crazy season of sickness at our house I am going to be thankful that I have the opportunity to give my chldren the gift that they want the most this Christmas and always- me. And while it sounds very self-important we all know deep down that it isn't. It just is. When children are hurt or sad or scared, they want Mom. And when they are happy or excited or want to be funny, they want Mom. And I am thankful that I can spend my days and years giving them that. And praying that they can take it with them and pass it on to their own children one day...

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