Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Recap

We had a blast ringing in the new year! Our dearest friends the Jenkins family came up from Springfield to spend New Years Eve and New Years day with us! I think we have a new tradition? (Please say yes Christina!) :)

Their crew rolled into town around 3 in the afternoon and the kids immediately dissapeared, ready to play. Our kids all love each other so much and it is such a blessing to watch them play and play. 

For dinner New Years Eve we decided to do appetizers. We had quite the spread! Southwestern eggrolls, queso and chips, chicken bites, smokies, meatballs, cheese fondue, cheese and summer sausage... 
And for dessert we had a chocolate fountain and then some amazing peanut butter/chocolate/pretzel deliciousness that Christina made. 

We had a fabulous night just hanging out, eating too much, and laughing constantly. I think the kiddos crashed around 9 and the adults actually made it to midnight!

The next day we spent playing and then we had to top it off by taking our friends to our favorite pizza buffet for lunch.

We are so thankful for these friends that are much more like family. And we can't wait to see them again next month when we head to Springfield to celebrate my... gasp... 30th birthday ;). 

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