Friday, January 3, 2014


I am one of those people that really likes making New Year's Resolutions. Not so much because I believe there is anything magical or special about a new year. But, I think a new year is a good benchmark for looking towards the next year and looking at the last one. And I am always seeking to grow as a person. I have loved reading blog posts and talking to my friends about their resolutions for this year. So, I decided to go ahead and blog mine.

This past year I was totally living in survival mode. I am excited to be more intentional this year. So, without further ado...

  1. Read through the Bible in a year. I did this a few years back and found that it was during this time that I had the most spiritual growth and was also the most disciplined in my daily Bible reading. I decided this year was a good year to do it again.
  2. Exercise everyday- even if it is just 5 or 10 minutes. I definitely want to lose weight and be healthier in the new year. I know for me, when I exercise I tend to eat and feel better. So, I want to make it a priority this year.
  3. Stick to our budget. Enough said.
  4. Make better food choices. I know this is vague. But, I am looking to take it one day at a time in the new year and when it comes to food my main goal is just to do better than I have been.
  5. Drink more water, less soda. This goes along with eating better. I went Diet Coke free for 6 months last year and I know it was so good for me. Not sure that I am ready to commit to that but, less is better.
  6. Have a date night every week. Most weeks this will be a "date night in". For awhile there we were doing great at making this a priority but we fell of the wagon a bit on this one. My marriage is my highest priority after my relationship with the Lord and I need to make sure I am treating it that way.
  7. Have a family game night once a week. Because, obviously, family game night is awesome.
  8. Count 1,000 gifts this year, Ann Voskamp style.
  9. Go to St. Louis Family Camp this summer. I have wanted to do this for the past few years and we haven't been able to make it work. Hopefully this is the year!
  10. Focus on my HOME- my family, my life. I want to be less concerned about what other people are doing and focus on the ministry God has given specifically to me.
  11. Meal plan. This is another thing I have fallen off the wagon on and our budget and wastelines have definitely paid the price.
  12. Read to the kids everyday. This is something I usually do already but I want to make sure I stay intentional about it. Nick reads to our kids every night before bed so I have to make time for it other times during the day.
  13. Stick to a cleaning routine. A messy house stresses me out... 
  14. Talk to Nick before making plans. This is less because Nick minds me making plans or anything. But, I know I am quick to say "yes" to everything that comes along. Waiting to talk to Nick gives me time to think things through and also helps us decide what is best for our family.
  15. Play classical music at home more. I believe exposing our children to good music is an important part of their education so it is something I just want to be more intentional about this year.
So, there they are. My 15 goals for the new year! Can't wait to see how 2014 plays out!

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