Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Facebook, other social media, and privacy...

A neighbor of mine posted today that all of the pictures of her kids from her Facebook were taken and being used in a fake Facebook profile, despite her strict privacy settings. And guess what... Facebook is refusing to delete the page.

I had one of my own pictures taken off of Instagram and put in a popular online article without anyone asking me. They did agree to take it down, but I never would have known if a friend hadn't shared the article and asked, "aren't these your kids?"

I know that by choosing to post pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and this blog I open myself up to these things and lose privacy. In the past it has always seemed worth the "risk". I love sharing our everyday life with our family and friends. I love seeing pictures and getting glimpse into other's days. But, I also know that real life relationships are suffering because I don't need to talk to people, we just check their Facebook!

So, I am reevaluating my social media use. I love this blog. I love sharing my heart and documenting my family. I love looking back on Facebook and remembering different moments in the past. I don't scrapbook so this online world kind of serves as my memory keeper. But, it is a very public one. 

So, how do you handle your online privacy? Do you feel like it is worth the risk to just share everything? Do you avoid posting pictures of your kids on Facebook? Do you have a private blog to just share with friends and family? I would love to know how other people make it work and balance sharing and privacy!

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  1. How crazy, Dad was asked to sign a release by someone who wanted to use a picture of Dot... the dog! Because something shows on someone's page when they like or comment Idk what you could do. My Facebook and instagram aren't automatically linked because I figure no one cares what dog photos I like on there!