Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Being a Mom During the Holidays

Brrr! I hope it is warmer where you are than it is here. Right now it is 12 degrees. That is not very many degrees people! I really don't mind the cold when it is snowing beautifully outside and all I have to do is stay snuggled inside baking and reading books to my small people. But, alas, life goes on even when it's cold and that means bundling up lots of little people and almost freezing our fingers off in and out of places. Not my favorite.

But, I do love what the cold weather brings with it... the holiday season! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Years! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

I loved this message from Kirk Cameron for moms this Christmas. (He actually got a lot of flack for this message because... well... "feminism". Sigh.) But, I was so encouraged by it.

As moms we REALLY do set the tone in our homes and have the power with our attitudes to make a wonderful or really lousy holiday season for our families. I know in years past I let business and perfection steal my joy. But, last year I really made a consious decision to "say no" to a Pinterest perfect holiday season and our whole family was blessed by that decision.

This year I am making the same commitment. We have some fun things planned (like a trip to see our family bff's the first week in December! and a gingerbread making party with our Classical Conversations community!) but I am not committing to a lot of activities and things that will cause daily stress.

I think I am going to order Ann Voskamp's new family advent devotional.

The hubs and I have talked about using it during our family worship time leading up to Christmas. I am really looking forward to that. But otherwise, we will take this season as it comes and hopefully really enjoy it!

*Yesterday was our last day of Classical Conversations for the semester so I am hoping to get out a homeschool update post soon!

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  1. love this! i am finally getting caught up on reading blogs... i haven't been by in awhile! loving the new layout!!!! ♥