Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This Christmas Season!

I feel like it really is the most wonderful time of the year! We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now full swing in holiday merriment. I have really scaled back my expectations of myself and I think our whole family is having a more joyful season because of it.

I have only said "yes" to a handful of activities and I am so thankful for the free time to enjoy watching Christmas movies on tv, playing board games with my kiddos, and drinking way too much hot chocolate.

One of the events that I did say "yes" to was a gingerbread cookie making party with our Classical Conversations Community. Our director Terri did an amazing job and the kids got to make aprons, chef's hats, cards, and roll out, cut, and decorate gingerbread cookies.

I am not going to lie, the event was a little very stressful for me. The big three all needed my help completing their different projects and that little strawberry blond guy was crying and hanging on my legs pretty much the entire morning. But, the kids had fun and made sweet memories with their friends. Plus, these precious aprons they made and got to take home were worth it in and of themselves. They immediately told me that they plan to wear them for our annual Christmas cookie decorating day with Grandma!

I hope you all are enjoying this season! Coming up for us is the Christmas piano recital, Cookie Exchange party (just for mama with the Classical Conversations moms) and Ornament Exchange (just for mama with the ladies at our church, Nick's work Christmas party (just mom and dad), celebrating Christmas with my mom's side, and then of course Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations! And I can honestly say I am looking forward to each and every celebration!

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