Monday, September 14, 2015

5 days to go...

Happy Monday! Man, weekends are always so short. I'm kind of excited for this week though because we are wrapping up our second Whole 30. I think this one has been harder mostly because I haven't been as creative with meals and I have just sort of been "over it". But, you can't argue with the benefits. Since starting our first Whole 30 I am down 20 pounds as of yesterday. (Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to weigh yourself during it and we didn't during the first one but this second one we are not being the best rule followers, please don't tell the Whole 30 police.)

I thought I would share two products that have helped make things a little easier this time around...

 La Croix sparkling water. If you are a soda drinker like I was (bring on ALL the Diet Coke) it can take a little while to learn to like these. They are not super sweet like soda. But, now I really like them and the bubbliness helps curb soda cravings! They are a fun little "treat" that I like to have with lunch or Nick and I will have one while watching a show at night.

Cauliflower crumbles! So, it turns out making cauliflower rice from a regular head of cauliflower is not that hard. But, anytime I have to clean my food processor is a bit of a bummer. These make life easy. I also love using them to just throw in the skillet with other chopped veggies and a little olive oil and saute it. Then I throw in a little bit of whatever leftover protein I have from the week and lunch is made. I call it a "bowl of food"... appetizing, right?

Even though this second Whole 30 has been harder I am really glad we are doing it. I feel like the first 30 taught me so much about myself and eating habits but this second one is really bringing it to the next level and hopefully is helping me form some new habits. I guess we will see!

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