Saturday, September 12, 2015

Overcoming the Saturday morning funk.

For a long time I struggled on Saturday mornings when we didn't have plans. I think Saturday mornings are kind of like Christmas... you know, you look forward to Christmas day all year long and then sometimes it can be kind of a let down. And I look forward to Saturday morning all week long, so the pressure is kind of on.

But, I feel like I have finally embraced Saturday mornings. I feel like we sort of have a little routine now. We usually all have breakfast together which is followed by Nick and I sitting on the couch enjoying our coffee. Then we spend about an hour cleaning up the house. This is usually followed by loading up into the car where we drive through and get another cup of coffee (don't judge our life) and then we hit up either the library or a park. Today it was the library.
I love it.

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