Monday, July 30, 2012

Cuteness Lately

So, I don't forget. I wanted to blog a few cute things my kiddos are saying/doing lately...

  • Sophie wants to name the new baby Cinderella if it is a girl. She told me when she is a grown-up she is having three daughters named Angelina, Sleeping Beauty, and Sleeping Beauty (yep, that is two Sleeping Beauties.
  • Sophie uses the word amen't a lot... I think it means "am not". 
  • Max told me he is having 4 children when he grows up. Jeremiah, James, Sally, and Isaiah.
  • Max tells me lately that he is an "expert at everything"... we might need to work on being humble.
  • Jack sings constantly these days. He usually makes up his own songs. But tonight, during family worship he was belting out "The Old Rugged Cross". I have never heard a sweeter sound... 
  • Jack is really talking up a storm these days. His favorite words are truck, twactor, boat, nack (snack), Night Night (his blanket), Sissy, Max, and of course no.
  • Max talks about natural disasters... all the time... constantly.
  • Sophie has two dolls, Big Erica and Little Erica. We recently made a carseat out of a basket for Big Erica so she now goes pretty much everywhere with us. She is well behaved so I don't mind.
I just love my kiddos ages right now! They crack me up all the time and are so much fun!

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