Monday, July 9, 2012

Our {Homeschool Room}

(I apologize for the wonky first pic but I couldn't get my picture to size correctly and I figured too big was better than too small)

I finally got stuff hung up in our homeschool room (and of course by "I" I mean, the hubs) so I wanted to give you all a little tour. I know that I am totally blessed to have a whole room we can dedicate to homeschooling. I know it is not a necessity by any means. But, we have a smaller front room at the entry of our house and ever since we moved in we have struggled to know what to do with it. It has been an office, a playroom and a sitting room. But, none of it ever seemed to be a good fit. When we decided to homeschool I decided that might be the perfect way to use this room and I think it is! So, without further ado. here is where the Little R's will be learning the 3 R's... (sorry, couldn't resist!)
 I pointed out some of my favorite features of the room!

  1. I got these little boards at the Container Store and you can use magnets or push pins for them! I think I bought them for their novelty but I also think it is a great way to display our work!
  2. These little round containers come from the Container Store as well. They are magnetic and awesome for storing small things like paper clips and erasers.
  3. We keep all of our books we use daily on this shelf.
  4. These magazine boxes from Target are awesome for storing soft cover books, extra workbooks and well... magazines

 Here is a closer look at some of the items on the shelf. I ordered the bin on top from an Etsy seller and it is perfect for storing some board books for Jack to keep him busy while we are hitting the books.
 I got this calendar at Amazon and it is one of the kiddos favorite activities. I also keep most of our learning toys on these shelves.
I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our school room! We are getting quite a bit of use out of it already and are certainly grateful to have it!

P.S. The balloons hanging from the ceiling over the table are from our solar system project we did today! I didn't just put random balloons up for decoration.
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  1. This room was destined for homeschoolin' the day your house was born! Since you have all that room, can I store my extra stuff at your house? :-D

  2. Your room looks so nice, very organized!

  3. Love it. It looks so cozy and organized. How do you like the operation world book? this was just recommended to me and am curious on your opinion of it.