Thursday, October 9, 2014

Magic House FUN

Wow, for some reason this week seems to actually be flying by pretty fast. Today is drizzly and gray. I love drizzly gray days. They beg for candles and warm beverages and lots of reading, basically a homeschool moms dream.

Our week has been a little crazy. Nick took Monday off of work so we could have a family day. The Magic House was having a homeschool morning so we decided to go there. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with the Magic House. I love how much fun it is. I hate how expesive it is and how someone always gets sick after we go. Well, since it was homeschool day we got in for $3 a person which is a great deal compared to the usual $10 a person. But, yep, I had two kiddos throwing up the next day. And it was funny because everyone I mentioned it to said, "yep, every time!" So, apparently the Magic House has a reputation for making people puke.

We had a great time though and it was totally worth it. And the hubs suggested lunch at 5 Guys afterwards which might have been my favorite part of the day. Here are a few pictures from the germ infested super fun Magic House...
There was a Magic Tree House exhibit and the kiddos loved exploring it!

Uh oh. A little sneak stole the Thanksgiving turkey...

Cutest pilgrims I ever did see.

Sweet little nurse.
This kid makes me laugh all day long.

The best pic we could get of all 4!

Sam was all about the water table.

The little animal clinic was hands down our kiddos favorite part of the magic house. Dr. Sophie checking out some x-rays/

Looks like she needed a consult with Dr. Jack.

Max enjoyed playing groomer.

They told me that they were fixing cars like Grandpa.

They had the sweetest little baby nursery. Sophie loved playing nurse and taking care of the babies.

Cute little bank teller.

Future President of the United States?

Not sure what J is on trial for... but he might be guilty...

There isn't much that my kids like more than a stage and microphone.

And 5 Guys... Max got the bacon cheese hotdog.

Girl loves her some french fries.

It's a winner.

And this boy is happy as long as he has dip.

So, we had a great day. Even though it might take me awhile to go back... :)

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