Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 1st

(Oops, forgot to hit publish on this yesterday!)

Happy October 1st everyone! Despite the fact that it has been 90 degrees around here I love that fall is in full swing! There is lots of excitement around here because we are now only three days away from a certain someones eighth birthday. I am still in denial about all of that.

Several of my favorite blogs are doing 31 days types of series in October where they blog about a certain topic for 31 days... every day in October. I love those so much! But, I think my October goal should be to actually blog every once in awhile. You all know my track record!

Life has been pretty crazy-town around the R home these days. Let's not pretend that life is ever not crazy-town at our house! But, Nick has been working a lot and he has also been helping my parents get ready to move... let's just say the hubs has been busy lately which makes life a little crazier for me. We are also in full swing with school and all that jazz.

So, without further ado I will give you some pics of the kiddos (if you follow me on FB or Instagram these pics aren't new. Please tell me that I am not the only mom who basically only takes pictures on her phone!)

Here is my son being hard at work doing some school while also showing off his Chief's mug full of hot cocoa. He knows I am all about the Broncos so he enjoys being a little bit of a troll about his team loyalty ;)

We had a not hot day last week and it was so gorgeous outside we decided a nature walk was a much better use of our time rather than book work.

I am learning to crochet and the kids thought it looked really cool so I taught both Sophie and Max how to do a chain stitch. They have really enjoyed it.

Our kiddos are taking Saturday morning swim lessons this fall and the place where they go was having a little community event last week so we stayed for a bit after and the kids enjoyed decorating pumpkins and dancing around in all of the bubbles from a huge bubble machine.

Monday was crazy hair day for CC. The kiddos were very excited to participate. Sam went sans crazy hair. And Jack  wasn't actually going with us (he spends CC days hanging with my dad now) but he wanted to join in the fun.

Yesterday we were invited to a sweet little birthday party for our neighbor at a pumpkin patch. Sam was obsessed with this "dog".

I hope everyone is having a great start to their October and I hope to post more soon!

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