Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big Ultrasound!

Nick and I went to our big ultrasound on Thursday! It was AMAZING! 

And we were so excited to find out that we are having a boy! I secretly wanted a boy ;-) I would have been thrilled either way! I just thought it would be neat since Sophie is in the middle for her to be the only girl. Plus, what's not to love about little boys!? They are so fun! Here is a shot of his little foot:
I was shocked at the quality of the ultrasound machine. When I had ultrasounds with the other two I could kind of pick out what things were but in this machine it was crystal clear. Plus they had a big monitor I got to watch! He was such a cutie wiggling around the whole time!

I love the one of him sucking his thumb! It will be SO fun to see if that is something he does when he is born or not!

I was also super excited to find out that at 36 weeks I get to have a 3-D ultrasound. I didn't have one with the other two but always REALLY wanted one! So, I am stoked!

I think these two will make a great older brother and older sister to this new little guy!

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  1. how exciting! if/when we have another i would like it to be a boy too. ;)