Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Big Project for the Day

Sometimes in order to avoid the routine housework that needs done I make up projects to do instead. Well, today's project absolutely needed to be done. But, it was quite a task! Especially since bending over to pick things up is one of my biggest challenges this day. But, Max P.'s room had gotten REALLY out of hand! I tend to let his room go because it is upstairs and at the end of the hall and few people ever really see it. Plus, he has a TON of toys. But, today, I decided to tackle the beast! Here are my before and after photos!
Yep, it was bad. And this is probably just a few days worth of damage. The kid can create a disaster fast!

And then... after only a little over an hour of work (but it was HARD work!, ha!)
The next two are his closet. The big closets in this house are one of the number one reasons I wanted it after living in our last house with zero storage!
(His bed isn't on a frame yet since we didn't want him to get hurt if he fell of and those rails annoy me!)
I feel better now!
And of course this is less than 2 minutes after I finished...
Oh how I love that little boy... lucky for him ;-)


  1. Cute boys room! Aren't you a nice mom for cleaning it for him. :)

  2. luke's room is a mess, with a capital "m." i don't deal with it often for the same reasons--it's upstairs and no one ever sees it! his bed isn't on a frame either. :)