Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is getting close! 4 days away! I can hardly believe it! I am finding myself in a combination of being head over heals in love with this season and hating it. Ha! I love seeing the Christmas season through the eyes of our children. So exciting! I am loving making our own traditions with the kiddos and also participating in our own favorite traditions. I hate the stress. The fact that there is so much going on can get overwhelming. I also truly believe Satan uses this time of year to steal focus from Jesus so I find myself more sensitive than usual and more prone to getting down about things.

This past weekend was BUSY! In fact, I am still recovering! HA! On Friday night we hung out with our wonderful friends, the Scott's. Then Saturday we spent the day running errands and getting ready to have my mom's side of the family over for a Christmas party. Sunday we went to church and then went straight to my parents house where we hung out and watch the Rams loose to the Chiefs (sad). It was awesome. The perfect weekend leading up to Christmas. But, yesterday was defintily a recovery day!

Today we are going to hang out with some friends for a little bit this morning. Then tomorrow the kids and I are headed out to moms for our first annual cookie making get together! I am super excited! My sister has the day off so it is going to be super fun! I imagine Thursday will be spent getting housework done and getting ready for the holiday. Christmas Eve Nick has the day off work and then we are going to church at 4. Then we are having my parents, sister and fiance, and grandma over. We decided to do Mexican food which will be a fun change of pace! We usually just eat, play games, and spend time together. Then on Christmas we will wake up (in our own house, lots of hearts!!!) and open presents with the kiddies then head out to mom and dads to celebrate with them.

Here are some pictures from our Moore family get together on Saturday night!

Here is our family on Saturday night, the kids didn't really want to take a picture because they wanted to be playing with their grandparents!
I love to "creep" in on pictures of my sister and her fiance. I tease her a lot that I will be doing that for her wedding pictures as well!

I heart my sissy!

Emily and Simon (or Pledge as we like to call him since he isn't an official family member yet)

The Farley Family (Blake, Aunt Teri, Uncle Bill and Lauren)

The Shepard Family (Uncle Ed, Sarah, Aunt Heidi and Jake)

Aunt Heidi, my mom, my Grandma June, Aunt Teri

me, my mom and my sister

Em's turn to be a creeper (actually, Nick and my sister have an awesome brother/sister relationship, I love it!)

my mom, sister, me, and my dad! It is so fun to see this picture since it is what all of our family pictures used to look like!

Grandma with her girls again

My parents!

It was a great time. And looking at the pictures makes me super excited for the Christmas fun over the next few days!!

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  1. I love your family! Oh, yeah, because it is also mine. Lovely post and thanks for adding the pictures. It is hectic, but we can handle it with JOY in our hearts! Bring on cookie baking day!