Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Menu Monday on Tuesday!

So, with the weather being SO cold I am having a very hard time venturing out of the house. I mean, by the time I get 3 kiddos bundled up and in their carseats it is hardly worth it. Plus, the last thing I need is a sick baby! So, our time out of the house is limited these days! And, when we do get out of the house I hardly want to spend that time at the grocery store! My sweet husband has made a few grocery runs for me, mostly for milk and produce! But, I am trying to use up what we have. So, here is our menu for the rest of the week...

Tonight- tacos with ground turkey (I really don't like ground turkey in much but we have it and I need to use it!)
Wednesday- Tortellini soup with fresh baked bread
Thursay- blackbeans and rice
Friday- kung pao chicken with chinese veggies over rice
Saturday- Moore Christmas Party, I am making a salad, cake balls, and spinach dip to contribute!

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  1. i know what you mean about the hassle getting three kids bundled up just to go to the grocery store. dan has been a good sport about stopping on his way home from work to get stuff if we need it. :)