Friday, February 4, 2011

Funky Friday

Ugh... I feel funky today!

  • my two youngest are being crabs which is very strange because they are rarely my crabs!
  • my to-do list is a mile long but my motivation tank is EMPTY
  • I have gotten off track with my eating and exercising and getting back on track feels like a monumental task right now
  • I realized I have been going over my grocery budget and now have to re-evaluate which is just no fun at all
  • I took 3 kids to Target this morning... enough said


  1. Sorry you are having a rough day. Perhaps something is in the air. My oldest and her buddy are crabs too.

  2. my crabs have been ganging up on me lately. not cool! i hope your's (and mine!) settle down soon!

  3. So sorry you are having a rough day! Praying that it gets better SOON!! :) Love you!!!