Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Letters... late again!

Sorry! I have been so sick the past few days... like, not get out of bed sick! UGH! But, I am feeling better and wanted to get my Sunday letters in even if they are a day late! Make sure to check out Deidre's blog to see her Sunday letters and link ups! And my friend Jessica has started doing Sunday Letters too! I love Jessica. I tell her that her family is the North Dakota version of ours because our kiddos are the same age difference and gender order and seem to have very similar personalities!! Ha!

Dear Max,
You have been cracking us up lately. Your imagination is so WILD! You are something different every few minutes! My favorite was when you were being Gaston last night (from Beauty and the Beast) and you had on a cape, t-shirt, and a sword... tucked in the side of your underpants! Ha! It was just too cute! Your Daddy told me you were SO excited to go to school today because it was FINALLY your turn for Show and Tell! You took your stuffed dog named Buster. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!

Dear Sophie,
Your Daddy and I joke a lot about how old you act for your age. But, this week you have made sure that we remember that you are only 2! Lots of tantrums when you don't get your way! You and your brother have been fighting a lot and while I usually stick up for you I am starting to notice that you are becoming the instigator more and more often so those days might be coming to an end! Ha! You said the cutest thing at church on Sunday. When we were sitting in the atrium before church and an older man with a cowboy type hat with a feather in it and you said, "It is Captain Pirate!" Then you looked at your Daddy and said, "I didn't know Captain Pirate went to our church!" You are precious!

Dear Jack,
Well, you are still perfect. Please don't grow up! Ha! You are sitting up for very long periods of time now and you look so cute. You like to sit in your high chair and eat snacks. You are still sleeping through the night although the past few days you have been waking up a little too early for my tastes! I can't believe you will be 7 months old this week!

Dear Nick,
Thank you for being awesome this week. Thank you for encouraging me to grab coffee with the girls on Friday night! It means so much to me to be able to go out without feeling guilty! And then THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking care of the kids while I have been sick and staying home today to take care of them... and me! I love you! I will make sure to take extra good care of you this weekend after you get your wisdom teeth taken out on Friday!! :-(

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  1. we DO have the same family, 1000 miles away! ha! i'm sorry you've been sick, i've been sick too and dan had to come home early today to take care of all of us. i hope nick's wisdom teeth come out easily and he recovers quickly!