Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life catch-up!

I am so behind on Project Life!! But, I am trying to catch up! So, here are the last two weeks...

Love it when my sister comes to hang out... even when I look SUPER SCARY!

Who wouldn't love to do laundry with such a cute little helper??

Little man LOVES his bath time!


Our Baby Be Blessed dolls/animals finally arrived! I was so stoked! I love having my kiddos scriptures on these special keepsakes!

Sophie and her friend Gabbie enjoying a mid morning snack!

My kiddos are hooked on smoothies so I decided to throw in  as many healthy things as possible!

I called Sophie Snow White and was quickly corrected and was told she is Cinderella

Love this "Future Rocket Scientist" t-shirt

I am not sure what this picture really is but gotta love a picture every day!

I did a little Valentine's Day decorating

The Little Man ready to help Em and Simon settle into their new casa

the "helpers" at Em and Simon's


  1. Looks like a fun week! You captured some great photos. Have another great week.

  2. Jack is at such and adorable stage. What a ham. Love it!