Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bunco Night {with my girls}

I play on a Bunco team with a super fun group of girls once a month. (Bunco is a super easy and fun dice game... played mostly by suburban housewives I think!) This past Friday was my turn to host! It was super fun! I love the girls I get to play with and it is so fun to have a night out!

But, of course the most important thing after fun friends is {the food}. And I was not going to let my Bunco girls down! I mean, look how cute these girls are? How do you not give them the best?
1. Fruit with chocolate dip! (one part plain Greek yogurt, one part Nutella and then some shaved chocolate on top!

2. Cream puffs (store bought in the freezer section with melted chocolate and powdered sugar on top.

3. Bacon Wrapped Pretzels (wrap pretzel rods in bacon and cook at 350 until bacon is crispy!)

4. Bruchetta (mix cherry tomatos with a couple swirls of olive oil, a handful of feta cheese and some fresh basil and put on top of sliced french bread and bake until toasty!)

5. Chocolate dipped pretzels (dip pretzels in melted almond bark)

Throw in a little Sangria or if you prefer a dry party go for my fav... Diet Coke! and you have yourself a par-tay!

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