Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Max and Protein... a {love story}

How sweet is this boy? Well... lately... pretty stinkin' sweet! You might remember from some of my "Sunday Letters" blog posts that Max had been having a rough time lately. And by rough I mean... well... basically out of control half the time. Lots of screaming fits. Lots of agression. SO not our Max. I finally (after some encouragement from some awesome friends) decided to talk to our doctor about it. After a lot of talking (I cannot say enough how much I LOVE our doctor who actually LISTENS... if you are in the O'Fallon area looking for a new doc I will give you her info! And she loves Jesus! Hello! She rocks!) Anyway! She suggested we make some sleep and diet changes.

So now our little Maxy-Max is back to taking a nap (or at least a rest) for two hours everyday and is eating a diet of mostly protein, dairy, fruits and veggies. Basically we are avoiding all starches, anything processed and sugar. She said it is the diet she puts her ADHD kids on or kids with behavior problems. I am already seeing a huge change. And I notice when we fall off the wagon a little bit how quickly he goes back to wigging out at the drop of a hat.

So, it is awesome. BUT... oh my gosh it has been a challenge. You don't realized what a sugar/processed foods/carb obsessed world we live in until you are trying to avoid them! I feel like we can hardly go anywhere and have him stick to his diet. Thankfully our family has been awesome at keeping things "Max friendly" so that has been a huge help!

I am working hard at trying to keep meals and snacks creative! And I am working hard at keeping Trader Joe's in business because I can get a lot of great foods for Max there that are fairly inexpensive!

So, if you have any great recipes along this vein please shoot them my way! And  I am sure I will be sharing lots more healthy recipes as we go on this journey with our favorite 4 year old!

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