Monday, March 5, 2012

Homeschool Curriculum

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Since our family is planning on homeschooling next year, Lord willing of course, I have been doing some major curriculum research. When we first decided to homeschool I had only heard of a few different options so I didn't think that choosing one would be too difficult. Well... it turns out, there are TONS of options. And lots of the options are great! So, now I am having the difficult task of choosing! Who knew this would be so difficult?

God is so good though. He has given me a life FULL of homeschoolers. My sister-in-law, my next door neighbor, many dear friends, and what seems like most of the women at our church all homeschool. I love that I have been able to ask around about people's real life experiences with different curriculum. And I know that everyone has different personalities and our children all have different strengths and personalities. But, it is still nice to hear some first hand experiences.

My friend Crystal offered to let me tag along with her to a curriculum expo at the end of March so hopefully getting to see some of the options I am considering in person will be helpful... or at least will help me narrow it down!

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  1. I wanna go with you toooooo!!!! The best advice I got for KG that it is "just" kindergarten, and keep it simple. It made the transition for us easy!