Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Thursday

Edit: This post has been updated with an additional link thanks to a comment!

Since yesterday's post was titled Random Wednesday and I have 3 or 4 things to post today I thought it was only fitting that today's post be titled, Random Thursday. So, here we go...

So by now most of you have probably seen this video circulating around Facebook

I watched it and was very moved. I absolutely hate that this is going on. However, after doing my own research I have decided that while I would love to do something I personally do not feel that this organization is the best use of my money. I checked them out on Charity Navigator and then found a few articles that were posted by people I respect. I encourage you to read these in particular to make your own decision. (In all fairness here is the response to these articles for you to read: What stood out most to me was where the money is actually going.... to the Ugandan government which has proven itself corrupt. I just encourage everyone to do their research before sending money to any organization to make sure it is one that is actually improving people's situations instead of intensifying them. I think as Christians we have a responsibility to give to those who are poor and cannot help themselves. These children absolutely qualify as the least of these and deserve our attention. We sponsor two children through Compassion International and I love the work that they are doing within the communities to help children. I also love World Vision and Amazima.

On a totally unrelated note... the pot roast I made last night was amazing. It was not the dry, hard to swallow pot roast I am used to. I served it over mashed potatoes with lots of the juice. Yum-o! Here is the recipe. And a picture-
Looking at that picture kind of makes me want to run to the fridge and start devouring the leftovers. But, since it is not even 8:30 in the morning yet I guess I can hold off for a little bit longer.

And last but not least, how cute is my dog?


  1. I have been following the story of the LRA for the better part of a decade now, and it is one of the world situations I pray about regularly and weighs heavily on my heart. I was astonished to see the speed at which this video hit the internet yesterday and grateful to know that at the very least, people who were not aware are now aware of what is happening to children halfway around the world. Invisible Children has not been without controversy since its inception, given the complexity of this issue, which I'm sure you came across in your research. I applaud anyone who looks into this beyond just the video, but I also urge you not to turn away from the situation on the whole due to criticism of one group's solutions. And in the interest of fairness, you should read their response as well:

    One of the comments I read again and again yesterday was something along the lines of "Don't let yourself get caught up in emotion" in regards to this video. To that I say, if humanity does not allow ourselves to get "caught up in emotion" about the kidnapping, rape, torture and mutilation of children, what are we to get caught up in emotion about? The release of the new iPad? Yes, the situation is complex. The answers are not easy. They never are.

    So, I really admire that you took the time to look into this and I hope that if nothing else, this video brings awareness, prayer and intention to the situation.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Jess. I totally agree! We do need to get caught up in our emotions sometimes. And I totally loved the awareness factor of the video. It is SO easy to forget about situations like this and get swept up in our crazy world (with things like the iPad!) And I agree we need to do something! What I wanted to say and maybe didn't say perfectly is that people should give but should so their research first. And if after research that is Invisible Children... by all means! Thank you so much for your comments and for the link to the response article! It is so important to try to get all of the info!

    2. You are welcome, I did not mean it as a criticism at all of your post. Like I said, I applaud anyone who watches the video, then asks, "Is there more to the story?" Because of course there is more to the story than a 30 minute video could ever tell. My concerns with the campaign, and the reason I'm not donating at this time, are not really being addressed anywhere. I actually do not think the poster/bracelet thing is the best idea. The video, sure. But I am not going to wear this man's name on my wrist and look at it every day. Maybe a bracelet that said "Justice" but not the name of this man.

    3. World Vision has an Invisible Children project, which I have given to in the past, they are how I first found about this issue maybe 8 years ago in highschool. Thanks for posting the pot roast recipe, after consulting with Gramma she said it could be done with pork just to cut the pork up a little as it will not get as tender as quickly as beef. Also I am still shocked that you have become a dog person, you should bring him tonight!

    4. Jess- I hadn't thought of it that way. I can totally see where you are coming from. Good point!
      Emily- I don't know if I am a dog person as much as a my dog person! :)

  2. This morning, KSDK (St. Louis NBC affiliate) talked about the charity behind the video and said that Invisible Children did not want to be reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (potential red flag) until they grow in size. They could still have the best of intentions, but like you said, it's best to do your homework to make sure!! Here's the story.