Monday, March 12, 2012

My new word

I am at a new season in life where God is teaching me to use a new word. It is a word that I really don't like to say and I avoid it at all costs. It is "no". Specifically, it is saying "no" to a lot of really fun things. 

I am a social butterfly by nature. I love to be with people. I love having friends and getting together. I love community. But, at this time in my life with three young kiddos, my husband's work schedule, church stuff, and homeschooling on the horizon I just don't have the free time I used to have. I need to be at home most days in order for things to run smoothly in our home and in order to get done everything I need to get done. 

It has been REALLY hard for me to say "no" lately. The hardest one just today was having to say "no" to being in a morning Bible study with some ladies at church. It is a group of really neat ladies! And come on, it is a Bible study! Surely God approves of studying the Bible! And He does! But, I just knew He was saying "no" to this one... at least right now. I knew if I said yes I would become too busy and I would be inconsistent in my attendance and inconsistent in getting things done at home. But, man, it was so hard to say "no" to such a great opportunity!

I also had to say "no" to getting together with some girls and an amazing older woman who is willing to help mentor us in homeschooling. It was a great opportunity. But, I know I can't do it all.

But, I also realize that as hard as it is to say "no". And if you know me you know that it is really, really hard... Everytime I say "no" I also get to say "yes". "Yes" to these sweet little faces who will only be little for a very short time...


  1. Excellent post! Just as you mentioned, saying no as God leads is saying yes to something better! It's hard, I know! Awesome that you are keeping Him (and your family!!) first!