Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I follow author Lysa TerKeurst on Facebook. She is always posting fabulous things. But, I was especially touched by her post this morning because it spoke right to my own heart and what I was feeling. Lysa says,

Oh how I thank God for the very common and ordinary spots of my life.
Standing at the sink watching the kids do their homework at the sticky farm table.
Sitting on the front steps to welcome home my husband.
Cutting flowers from the bush that just bloomed in my front yard.
Oh what the world calls ordinary, I call the best.

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I love that. It is the "very common and ordinary spots in my life" that I am most thankful for this morning.
I am thankful for getting to wake up to my 4 favorite faces in the world every morning. I am thankful that I get to stay home and raise my children. That I get to be the one to train them and teach them and kiss boo boos and read books for the 100th time. I am thankful for my hilarious husband doing dances in the kitchen... for the sole purpose of making me laugh. I am thankful that he makes me my breakfast every morning. I am spoiled. I am thankful for my coffee in the morning. I am thankful for all the people I get to sit around the dinner table with. I am thankful for my fluffy bed that I fall into at night... earlier and earlier these days. I am thankful for friends who pray for me and with me. And all of these things are ordinary but like Lysa says, "Oh what the world calls ordinary, I call the best."

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  1. See if you can find "The Magic of Ordinary Days" on You Tube. It has Kerri Russel (from Felicity) in it. I love that movie. I love ordinary.