Monday, October 29, 2012

A full house

Life in the Ramsey household has been chaotic/fun/busy. I am starting to wonder if we are capable of just hanging out or if we somehow seek constant excitement. Our biggest "excitement" this weekend was finding a cat...

We ran by Blockbuster to rent a movie and as I was sitting in the car with the kiddos I noticed a little cat running around by the entrance to the store. He would try to follow people to their cars and then they would shoo him away. The Blockbuster in our town is located right by the highway and off of two other busy streets. When Nick came back to the car I pointed out the cat and asked Nick if he wanted to check on him. A few minutes later he came back to the car with the cat... I mean... what else could we do? :)

He looks young, under a year (but I don't know anything about cats so I could be way off!) and didn't have a collar or anything.

So, we ran by the pet store and got some cat food and litter (and yes, I already know the rule about pregnant people and litter boxes). And we brought the cat home. At first we hadn't checked the gender so Sophie wanted to name him Angelina. But, upon further inspection we found out he is a boy ... so after several name changes I think we have settled on Whiskers.

So, I will call the vet today to make an appointment for Whiskers and the next few days will determine if he gets to stay and become a Ramsey or not... But, based on this picture, his chances are looking good...

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  1. The vet's office will probably know but I think you are right, he can't be but maybe 7 or 8 months old. So glad he found a loving home!