Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not the weekend I had planned...

I won't say this weekend has been a bummer because, in true Ramsey fashion, we make it a point to enjoy ourselves no matter what :) But... we did not get to do very many of the fun things we had planned for this weekend. On Friday morning I realized I was sick and the kiddos were doing lots of coughing and nose stuff... My sickness got worse and I spent all day yesterday basically in bed (ahhh... the joys of being pregnant and not being able to take most medication!). Today I am a little better but Max is feeling super ick. It was a bummer because this evening we were supposed to go roller skating with a few of our really good friends and then have some friends over for dinner. We had to scratch that plan :( But, Nick was still able to take Sophie skating while I am here, home with the boys. Soph has been wanting to go roller skating forever AND she has been wanting a Daddy Date so this was great opportunity for the two of them to do something fun together. But, Max is bummed. And I am too! I really don't like having to cancel fun time with friends in order to be sick! :(

Here are a few pics of our girl before she left...

And yes, she dressed herself... She certainly has her own sense of fashion and is passionate about it! As long as she is dressed appropriately I try not to fight it! Ha! I hope she has a great time! Now, I need to get back to watching cartoons with my favorite 6 year old while little brother finishes up his nap!

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